La Cabrera Happy Hour: The Steak you Came for at the Price you Hoped For

This is a big one. If you haven’t heard of La Cabrera you haven’t done your research.  In fact, you haven’t done ANY research because it is one of the most popular tourist steakhouses in the city. The New York Times has written about it, its all over and I am sure there are hostel shuttles that take you directly to the door. Thats not to say that Argentines don’t fall under its charms too–in fact they seem to be fairly jealous that mostly tourists tend to know about it. And I’ll tell you why in one word:

Yes yes the city is full of parillas with full animals roasting over coals in the window. And sure, you could probably find one cheaper. But I’m not sure why you would especially after what I am about to tell you.
But wait let me first explain the carnal sin (heh, carne is meat in Spanish) that is a meal at La Cabrera.
You sit,
they bring you a wonderful bread basket with three dips,
you order,
they bring you mini plates (about 6) of mashed potato and butternut squash, pearl onions, zucchini fritatta, and more that you didn’t order,
you feast,
they bring you what could only be an up-cycled antique ski carrying little plates of salad with a poached egg, mini caprese, etc. all for the taking,
the meat arrives and you wonder if they are fattening you for a similar fate because the meat is probably HUGE,
you enjoy some of the best steak you have ever had,
if you decline death dessert they bring a lollipop tree to seal the deal,
waddle home,
OK so now that you know how it works let me tell you the best part about this place. They have half price Happy Hour on weekdays from 7-8 PM. You say, “but you didn’t even mention the drinks so why should I care?”. And I chuckle, pat you on the hand and say, “but that includes the dinner menu too”. Yes, ladies and gents, I mean to say that you can eat at this carnival of BBQ (I am sorry but these puns are just coming so EASILY) for half of what they want to charge you at peak hours. You generally have to be in and out within the hour, but who cares? Coupled with the generosity of portions and included side dishes, one cut of meat is more than enough for two peple meaning you could get away with an amazing steak dinner for two with wine for less than 200 pesos. And I would even venture to say easily.
And yes, I accept thank you gifts.

La Cabrera

Cabrera 5099