People tend to make fun of me. They joke about my propensity to find and actually use discounts. They laugh until I save them money; then they profess their undying love. photo (1)

OK, it might not be exactly as I described right there. But I really am a deal finder, plain and simple. I couldn’t tell you where it came from or how it started but its become a hobby of mine and a time consuming game. I swear (no really, I swear) I do not have a coupon binder. 

I’ll bullet point the actual “about me” part. Like you would really care. Its the discount you came for and that is 100% understandable!

– I am from Washington, DC. Yes, from INSIDE the city.

– My first round of living in BA was for study abroad in 2010-2011. My total time in BA is over a year and a half!

– I studied politics and am now working at a political consulting firm in Palermo filling in the international (mostly business) community on the, um, complexity that is Argentine politics.

– My second hobby and possibly even more important to me is food. I love cooking and eating. Oh, do I love eating (hence the embarrassing array of food deals and ideas).

– I love helping people get what they want for cheaper…and secretly enjoying chastising them for not having come to me first.

  Enough. Go save some cold, hard Argentine cash!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Olivia,

    I’m moving to Buenos Aires in June and looking around for a departamente. I like my neighborhoods a little edgy,but mostly, I like to pay very little rent. Any suggestions for neighborhoods or online listing services?


    • Hey Bill! Its definitely a little harder to get the real cheap rent prices as a foreigner. For edgy and more affordable, I would check out San Telmo and Almagro. They definitely have their own cool vibes going on but are still central. If you are willing to have roommates take a look at compartodepto.com and rent prices will go down significantly. Also go down if you don’t need furnished but I assume you do? You can also look as zonaprop.com.ar. Good luck!

  2. Fun little idiosyncratic blog. Glad I found it.

    My girlfriend and I live in Brooklyn, NY and are thinking of living in BA for a month or two sometime this year. Something nice but affordable. I tried zonaprop.com.ar but couldn’t find an english version y mi espanol es……..

    San Telmo is great!

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