Buns of Steel…for FREE?

Looking for free, creative ways to exercise in Buenos Aires?

I always do! Gyms are expensive and, considering they are closed on Sundays, not always convenient for us professionals. My thinking is that if you can work out outside, you should. Anyway, it’s probably better for our lungs AND our self esteem (any one see those gorgeous leggy Argentine girls in Saturday evening tops, leggings and their hair down? ugh). I also downloaded the GymPact app that literally takes money from your bank account (with your permission of course) everytime you miss your weekly workout goal. Harsh, but useful. Sort of like my mom charging my sister for leaving things on the floor when she was younger, its definitely using the stick rather than the carrot. But hey, if it works…

So don’t think this is about to be an infomercial pill that will whip you in to shape. I expect you to actually work for those glorious glutes. But I’ll at least give you a hint as to where you can exercise without having to drop the cash that gyms in the city ask for.

Estaciones Saludables:

This new city initiative to get porteños fit provides some wonderful exercise opportunities that anyone can take advantage of. The stations offer a variety of services and activities including basic health information, yoga and aerobics classes, and access to bikes. The stations are all over the city, located in different parks. On a recent Sunday in the Rosedale in Palermo I was lucky enough to get there just in time for the dance aerobics class. Oh yeah. I shook by bum like the rest of the ladies and was informed that the class had actually started at 930 AM with a jog/walk around the lakes and that dancing would be followed by yoga/stretching. Not too bad for free.

Days and time vary from station to station and activities I believe, change frequently. It seems like the only way to really know whats going on is to go, so pull on your running shoes and run hop the subte over to your closest park to check out whats going on!

Mejor en Bici:

This free city bike service lets you pick up a bike from a bunch of stations around the city and use it for a full hour without paying a cent. Sounds like the perfect excuse to see the sites and work up a mighty sweat at the same time. Register here.

NOTE: You have to have some sort of proof of residency to do this. So if you pay a bill you might be able to take advantage. I, of course, cannot. Snap.


Outdoor Gym:

hate the idea of working out in side but love the way those gym machines make your muscles bulge? Get the best of both worlds with one of the free outdoor gyms provided by the city. Thank Israel in Palermo Park’s Plaza Israel by using the machines the country donated (cute, but still wondering who came up with that one). Or have a view of that massive silver flower to keep you motivated (why, I don’t know). Add in the biking/running lanes right in front of both areas and these open-air gyms become the cheapest way to get in shape. (Plaza Justo Jose de Urquiza, in between Ave. Libertador and Ave. Figuero Alcorta and next to the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes OR Plaza Israel inbetween Av. Figueroa Alcorta y Los Ombúes, in Parque Tres de Febrero).

Classes at your Neighborhood Centro Cultural:

Just about every neighborhood in the city has a cultural center that provides free or super low cost classes. In terms of exercise, centers have everything from yoga to tango classes. Do a little of your own research and check our your best bet using this list . Many centers have their own webpage with listings too so here is a more general list of what some centers offer.


And if its raining or just gross outside, google your free personal trainer Cassey Ho. She may be over bubbly for someone doing squats, but Cassey will make you sweat and curse her at the same time. Do 3 videos and call it a day. (Another similiar (but not quiiite as fun) website is FitSugar.)

Best butt wins a prize!  A ‘frugal’ prize of course…and what that means not even I know.

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