Cine Migrante For the Masses

In the mood for some currency-free culture? As of Tuesday, October 9th the 3rd annual Festival Internacional de Cine y Formacion en Derechos Humanos de las Personas Migrante put on by the non-governmental organization MigrantCine began showing films throughout the city. Lets just make it easier and call it Festival CineMigrante.

The film festival’s objective is to contribute to national, regional and international conversations about migration through film screenings, workshops, and conferences. Films cover a huge variety of topics and come from all over the world.
And boy is Buenos Aires the perfect venue. Did you know that Argentina is considered to have one of the most open immigration policies in the world? By law as of 2003, migration is a human right and Argentina provides all migrants with access to health, education, and family reunification services at no cost. So yes, thats why they patched you up for free at the Public Hospital.
Films will be shown until October 17th at various locations around the city, including the Centro Cultural de la Cooperacion, Cine Gaumont (AKA Espacio INCAA in Congreso), Centro Cultural de Espana of BA. Check out the show times for more details.
Films you might see me at:

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