Stepping into Traffic

If you are timid you never cross the street. Not here in Buenos Aires. In a smaller town, even a smaller city cars will stop, the person in side might wave you forward. In Buenos Aires it seems they would rather see you pancaked to the ground than allow another car to slip in front. So in true BA style I am stepping into traffic. Its not aggressive pedestrian-ism, nor is it too reckless. Its simply Bold. I am finally giving an idea the chance to make it to the other, poo-strewn sidewalk (you know what I mean).

And this traffic thing is a two way street. In giving myself a chance I am giving you one too; the chance to take full advantage of this city without wanting to set fire to your credit card for fear of violating your bank account. I am NOT proposing a nun/monk like existence of free church concerts and guided tours. Not at all. I even propose splurging from time to time on that delicious meal, that segway tour, or that pair of shoes. But wont you feel better splurging when you know you saved in other, not-at-all painful ways? And while we are on the subject of delicious meals, just because you are a frugal traveler or a student does not mean you need to exist on empanadas and watch movies exclusively when you can find them online (although do not doubt that I will include on this very blog). 

So its time to get started. Let me help you save those monedas and pesos. In an economy plagued with this much inflation there is no shame. None AT ALL. If its there for the taking, then by all means take! Graciously of course, and spread the word. Now lets go get our moneys worth. 


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